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Experienced Appellate Lawyer

An appeal can be a long, complex, time-consuming, and expensive matter. An experienced appellate lawyer, like Addison & Associates, P.A., can make this process a lot easier on you. We strive to provide reliable service in Tampa, Florida, and the surrounding area.

Our Tampa appellate court attorneys provide clients in Tampa, Florida, and nearby counties with experienced representation on a wide range of appellate matters. We will give you an honest evaluation of your case and inform you if we do not believe that an appeal will be worthwhile financially for you. Our staff assists our clients by researching the best legal position for their case, and advocating that position intelligently and forcefully so that judges are able to understand it. as lawyers with a broad civil litigation practice, we understand both the trial and appellate stages of a case.

Helping Resolve Legal Malpractice Claims

Lawyers are supposed to be trusted advisors on which clients can rely, but, unfortunately, attorneys sometimes fail to live up to that trust. Addison & Associates, P.A., represents clients in select legal malpractice cases. Our legal malpractice attorneys believe that clients whose legal or financial positions have been harmed by their lawyers' mistakes deserve a chance to resolve their problems.

When a lawyer's mistake creates a legal claim, our attorneys will represent you and your interests. We thoroughly investigate your chances of winning and communicate with you. Our law firm operates a diverse civil litigation practice that includes contract disputes and legal malpractice claims, which include attorney errors involving:

• Statutes of Limitation
• Failures to Properly Investigate and Conduct Discovery
• Conflicts of Interest
• Unauthorized Settlements

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